Vertical services

We boast vast experience in the provision of vertical services to develop the best engineering solutions. The innovation in the development of the products we manufacture and the solutions presented enable us to meet the challenges we face.


METALUSA technicians boast a profound knowledge of our products and will provide our clients with an in-situ service, more specifically:

Making use of the in-depth technical knowledge and experience gained in the different projects they have been involved in, they are a source of great ease of mind to those in charge of the works.


METALUSA´s branches provide the option of the simple rental of equipment with a view to boosting the activity and profitability of customers´ and partners´ business.

As far as we are concerned, a customer is a Partner, as we promote joint growth and the sharing of synergies in a win-win relationship.


METALUSA boasts a technical-commercial team with vast experience in customer support and technical expertise to guarantee the necessary assistance to our business partners.


Like any other asset, formwork, scaffolding and shoring equipment requires maintenance, and as such METALUSA provides a specialised cleaning and maintenance service to ensure your equipment is always available for your next job.

Other Services

METALUSA accompanies the client from the project development phase right through to the delivery of the project. We assist our clients in identifying the most effective solution to ensure compliance with the applicable technical and safety requirements and deadlines are met.

Our experience enables us to identify the most effective and cost-effective solution for the Client, fully aware that our clients´ success is our own success.

The project development phase

We work together with design companies, construction firms and subcontractors in the analysis of the requirements of the job and to identify the most appropriate solution to the problem and to define the technical requirements. Project risk analysis in terms of cost and time.

The tender phase

In the tender phase we prepare a preliminary study that enables us to validate the feasibility of the solution, quantify the components of the system and quantify the logistical costs in accordance with the project specifications and schedule.
Our technical team conducts an analysis of the budget solution and proposes variants to the initial proposal based on our experience in other projects and expertise, while atriving to achieve the best cost/benefit ratio for the project.

The planning phase

We support our clients in planning the delivery of materials, providing a list of parts for the solution in accordance with to the agreed upon work cycle, providing comprehensive assistance in the logistical planning to ensure nothing goes wrong on the worksite.

The execution phase

We know that using equipment in the proper manner will result in greater productivity and safety, which is why we provide a series of services to support you, such as:


On conclusion of the project

On conclusion of the project the materials need to be removed in order to move on to other construction phases. In this phase we provide clients with guidance on the best logistical procedures and control over the state of cleanliness and compliance to ensure nothing goes wrong in the next project and to prevent any additional maintenance and cleaning costs on the rented equipment.

All our warehouses are equipped with means of maintenance and cleaning means to enable you to recondition your equipment, thereby ensuring it is operational for new projects.

Our technical and commercial team concludes the project, conducting a general analysis of the project in terms of quantities, logistics and quality, in addition to opportunities for future improvement.


When the Engineering Division has been asked to calculate structural stability, the following technical support is provided:


Specialists in the area of the equipment we manufacture, we offer our clients regular training programmes, including training services provided on-site or at our clients´ facilities.


The preparation of the works is a decisive phase in the success of the work we execute.

Even in projects where a licensed structural calculation is not required, these technical services provide a framework for the preparation of the works to enable the work to be carried out.

In order to meet the requirements of the project in terms of safety and productivity, METALUSA provides its clients with a Works Preparation Project service, including the exact use of the proposed equipment in the Client’s project, clarifying all the details and list of materials, minimising assembly times and avoiding potential safety risks.


METALUSA, in partnership with ARKTEC, has developed solutions for planning the assembly of our equipment and calculating stability.

This software, TRICALC, provides all the possible application solutions for our entire product range.

Quick and simple, this software prepares a project draft and a list of the necessary materials.


METALUSA, with vast expertise and knowledge of its solutions, develops the solution best suited to the client’s needs, compiling a draft project with a list of quantities and prices to ensure the client knows exactly what is on offer.

Our salespeople have a profound knowledge of the solutions in question and will advise clients on their equipment needs in accordance with the desired work cycle and performance.

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